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KISS Mobile M2M, Internet of Things and Mobile Broadband.

Kids Tracking Watch 
ONLY $135.00
30 Days Money Back 

Today KISS mobile is offering a 
special summertime offer - 

you get the Kiss V15 Smart GPS/GPRS Tracking Watch and 12 months of data for only $135.00*. 


Watch Colours*:
*please contact support for choice of colour

  • Calls = 15c p/ 30sec
  • KISS to KISS mobile users (watch to mobile) = FREE
  • SMS = 14c per message
  • 100MB = included

More Awesome Watch Features 
  • Geo Fence your child’s location, if they are moved from that location you will be automatically notified on your smartphone.
  • Free Smart Phone Tracking App. 
  • Speed Alerts - Should your child move faster than a set speed you will be automatically alerted.
  • Removal Alarm - should the watch be removed from your child’s wrist you will be immediately alerted.
  • Remote Monitoring - you can remotely switch on the watches built in microphone to listen in.
  • Real Time tracking - at any time of the day you can get a live view of location.
  • Historical data is also available for monitoring up to 12 months of previous movements. 
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Built in Pedometer
Only $135.00 Sign Up Now

Pet Tracking Collar 
ONLY $149.00
30 Days Money Back 

Pets Tracking Collar valued at $199.00 now only $149.00 

Includes the first  12 months of  tracking mobile data . Normal valued at $71.40 
12 Months of Mobile tracking and Data

Tracking App - App Store and Google Play

Full online support

Extra Cost:
Calls and SMS from the watch are extra:
Calls: 15c per 30 seconds
Location SMS: 14c per 160 characters

The Pet Tracking Collar has the following functions

  • Converted into call ID positioning in blind area.
  • Voice Monitoring; Via APP
  • View Google map on mobile screen
  • Movement alert
  • Over speed alert
  • Shake sensor 
  • Geo fence
  • Traffic mode
  • Sleep mode
  • KISS Mobile micro sim card and 12 months tracking included

Only $149.00 Sign Up Now

OK Watches SIM Card.

You have the watch now get the SIM Card!
No Contracts 
No Credit Checks
No Monthly Credit Expiry

Starts at $0.95 per month

95c Per Month Express Sign Up

Data SIMs 
Internet of Things
Mobile Broadband

Mobile SIM Data Plans for your M2M device, Internet of Things device your Mobile Data requirements

M2M and IoT
Be independent and use your own tracking platform

Mobile SIM Cards and Pricing

$2.95 p.m.  includes 100MB + SIM card cost of $7.50

Customer SIM Dashboard
  • Manage your SIM/Number/Device activity profile
  • Easily add and activate more SIM/Numbers
  • Monitor data usage
  • Monitor call usage 
  • Monitor SMS usage
  • Bar and unbar individual devices
  • Disconnect SIMs 
  • Full online support

Mobile Broadband Plans
Minimum Account Balance $15.00
Includes SIM card
All accounts need to be on a Keep it Simple plan.

$5.95 100MB Free SIM Sign up Now

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