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Your KISSMobile Account - things you want to know.

  • KISSMobile is a PAY AS YOU GO mobile plan business.
  • We provide SIM ONLY Plans.
  • NO Contracts.
  • Unlimited FREE Calls between KISSMobile customers
  • You can have multiple numbers in one account. Each number will be on its own plan.
  • You can keep your old number or get a new one.
  • All plans require a starting credit. Higher plans may require higher starting credit.
  • KISSMobile uses the VODAFONE network. 
  • Our SIM Cards can be used in 2G and 3G devices. (Note: Vodafone's 2G network will close down by March 2018)
  • Your account credit does not expire.
  • Your account credit is shared by all the numbers in your account.
  • Billing cycle starts on the 1st of every month and finish at the end of each calendar month.
  • You can change your plan at the end of the month. Send your request in advance to or chat with us live.
  • We DO NOT support international roaming simply due to bill shock. We recommend getting a local SIM in the country you're visiting.

Standard Rates:

Services Rates
Connection Fees $0.00 for Standard National Calls.
Starting Credit Depends on the plan. See table of plans. Minimum is $20 on $5 PAYG Plan
Online Top Up Methods BPay, Paypal and Credit Card
SIM Swap Fee $5.00 per SIM for new plans / $15 for old plans below $5 PAYG Plan
Monthly Credit Expiry None. However, we have a monthly fee.
Standard National Call Rate 15¢ per 30 seconds (old plans) / 15¢ per 60 seconds (new plans) Please check the plan table for specific rates for your plan.
KISS to KISS Standard National Calls Free - Unlimited day or night within Australia
SMS 6¢ per National or International Message Sent (new plans) / 14¢ for old plans. Please check the plan table for specific rates for your plan.
Voicemail Deposits Free
Voicemail Retrievals Standard National Call Rates Apply
Mobile Data: 2G / 3G 3¢ per MB (new plans) / 5¢ per MB (old plans)
13, 1300 & 1800 Calls 30¢ Connection Fee, 30¢ per 30 seconds
1902 Premium Calls Refer to the promoters call charge in their terms and conditions.
Video Calls 30¢ Connection Fee, 30¢ per 30 seconds

Other Rates:

Services Connection Fee Timed Rate
13, 1300 & 1800 calls 30c 30¢ per 30 seconds
SMS Read Receipt 20¢ each N/A
Video Calls 30¢ 30¢ per 30 seconds
19xx Premium Calls & SMSs refer to the promoter's call charge N/A
Vodafone 123 Service $1.00 $1.00 per 30 seconds
MMS 66¢ each N/A

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